Current Projects

Widow Small Business Start-up


  Entrepreneurship skills training, business registration, bank account opening, plot acquisition, kiosk construction and stock start-up funding.

Widows Small Business Community Start-up


  —Small scale agriculture: skills training, bank account opening, land acquisition, equipment, tools, and seeds.

—Provision of rice milling machines to service rice farmers in their communities.

—Co-operative small scale Shea Butter production and packaging. 

Problem/Needs Statement

Widows are one of the most vulnerable groups in Africa and are faced with a multiple of conflicting social challenges. One of the major challenges faced by widows in Sierra Leone is financial difficulty.

85% of widows report a variety of financial problems.  

A large number experience financial difficulties in meeting the basic needs of children. 

Financial and mental strains to maintain previous living standards. Responsibility to pay back loans taken by their husbands.  


In addition to the financial burden, their status are defined by a diverse group of interrelated & intersectional factors:

—“Levirate Marriage Tradition” a practice that forces a widow to marriage the surviving brother or leave with nothing. 

—“Deprivation of Widows’ Inheritance Right” by the husbands’ relatives leaves them with no inheritance. 

ØIsolates them from their families & communities.  

ØLeaves them responsible for the care and support of the children with no safety net.  

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